The Students' Union

The first Students’ Union Election was held on 23rd September, 1975, the year that the College was established. Under the Presidentship of the Principal, elections are held annually, usually in June.
The present elected leaders of the Students’ Union for 2016-2017 are:
Vice President : Vanlalthlamuana Vth Sem. Arts
General Secretary: H. Rohlupuia Vth Sem Commerce 
Asst. :  C. Malsawmtluanga  IIIrd Sem Arts
Secretary, Outdoor Games : V.L. Ramdinsanga Vth Sem Arts 
Asst. :   Lalnunfela Vth Sem Arts
Secretary, Indoor Games :   C. Lalramnunfela Vth Sem Arts
Asst. :   C. Lalbuatsaiha IIIrd Sem 


Secretary, Social & Cultural :  Francis Lalnunsiama Vth Sem Commerce
Asst. :    Malsawmtluanga  IIIrd Sem
Secretary, Debating and Literary : Remruatfela IIIrd Sem Arts
Asst. :   Lalchhanchhuaha IIIrd Sem Arts


Editor, Magazine :   Lalhriatkima Vth sem. Commerce
Asst. :  Daniel Vanlaldampuia IIIrd Sem Arts

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