Commerce was introduced in the College as an academic stream in 1986, when the College was still affiliated to North Eastern Hill University (NEHU). Initially, the Department offered only the Pre-University (PU) course under the tutelage of two faculty members- Prof. Laishram Gyanendra Singh (who retired in 2021), the first Head of Department and Ms. Lalremruati, the present Head of Department. Forty students attended the evening classes then. Eventually, the B.Com degree was introduced in 1988, still under NEHU. The affiliation was changed to Mizoram University when it was established in 2001. When the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) was introduced in 2016, the Department followed suit; and now follows the NEP 2020 syllabus from the 2023 admission onwards. At present, there are 8 teaching faculty members.




The College motto “Labour Omnia Vincit” inspires the Department to instil among the students a spirit of respect for and pride in hard work. With this objective in mind, the Department has instituted the following:





Classroom Teaching: Every classroom has a dedicated laptop and a fixed overhead projector. All the classrooms are airy, well-lit and well-ventilated to provide a comfortable, dynamic learning environment. Lectures are conducted using innovative teaching strategies (audio-visual aids, Powerpoint presentations, videos, etc). Seminars, awareness sessions, group discussions and competitions are regularly organised.


Tests and Paper Presentations: To score points for their Continuous Assessment marks, every semester, students give Powerpoint presentations on topics based on their syllabus and sometimes on select topics given by the teachers. Class tests are also held at regular intervals. 


Project Work in Entrepreneurship: Students undertake individual project works as part of the Entrepreneurship paper in the 4th Semester. They are assigned to study local business enterprises, write formal reports as per the prescribed format and present their findings. They also face a viva voce examination for the project work.


IT-related Practical Learning: The Department offers E-Commerce as the Optional Paper in the 5th and 6th Semesters. Students learn about HTML, MS Publisher, website creation, e-banking system, cyber-security, e-commerce business models and certain provisions of the Information Technology Act 2000. The College computer lab (Internet Resource Centre) is at the service of the Department. Students are encouraged to make maximum use of the Centre.


Add-On Courses: In addition to the prescribed syllabus, the Department offers a free of cost, career-oriented course on Insurance (Certificate, Diploma and Advanced levels) which is sponsored by the University Grants Commission since 2012. The Department also collaborates with NIELIT to offer free courses on Tally ERP, O-level certificate, Data Entry and Office Automation (DEOA) and Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) since 2013.




Mentoring System: The Department has a mentoring program in which each student is assigned a teacher-mentor who is responsible for guiding the student in their academic performance and other personal matters as requested by the mentee. There is a strong support system for students and the one-on-one mentoring sessions offer a safe space to discuss any issue faced by the students. Gifted and slow learners are also identified through the mentoring programme. Each mentoring session is systematically recorded in the Mentoring Log Book.


Parents-Teachers Meet: The Department has been organizing a Parents-Teachers Meet for every incoming batch of students since 2011. It gives parents and guardians the opportunity to not only visit the College but also get to know details about the higher education system under which they have entrusted their wards.


Remedial Class: Remedial classes are conducted for slow learners. Such classes are conducted after regular teaching hours as and when necessary. 


Gifted Learners: Students who are academically gifted are motivated and challenged to excel in their studies. Such students are also encouraged to sit for competitive examinations and given career guidance. Students who display a bent for business and entrepreneurship are encouraged and the Entrepreneurship Knowledge Cell provides books and other resources necessary for them to develop their business acumen. A beautiful “Wall of Fame” has been created where pictures of successful alumni are displayed prominently to serve as motivation for the students. Students with special talents are supported to excel in their chosen interests.


Fostering Creativity and Entrepreneurship: Since 2019, the Department has taken up the task of setting up of the Entrepreneurship Knowledge Cell under the Mizoram StartUp Mission (MSUM), Planning & Programme Implementation Department, Government of Mizoram. With funding received from MSUM, the Department conducts various awareness programmes, trainings and workshops aimed at fostering an entrepreneurial mindset among the students and faculty body. In 2022, the Department launched the “Meet the Entrepreneur: A Special Lecture Series” in which prominent business leaders and local entrepreneurs are invited to interact with the students. The Department boasts of several alumni members who are up-and-coming entrepreneurs, such as Becky Zote®, Dairei Banana Chips, Kan Thingpui and more.


Fostering Social Responsibility: Students are regularly encouraged to teach basic accounting concepts to local small businesses who lack such knowledge. Fundamental concepts of finance (beyond the prescribed syllabus) are also taught to students so that they may safeguard themselves, their family and the society at large against financial scams that have mushroomed in the state in recent years. To foster financial independence, students are encouraged to raise funds for their excursions and field trips. Students take up all sorts of odd jobs like sweeping the streets, selling pens, pickles, juices, icecream etc. 

Other Noteworthy Activities:


1. Training at NALCO: Five students from the Department attended a summer training programme during 15th - 30th June, 2015 at NALCO Bhavan, Bhubaneshwar. They underwent training under two departments- Export Marketing and Human Resource.


2. Field Visit to Insurance Companies: Commerce students have visited ICICI Lombard, LIC, Reliance, Birla Sunlife, TATA-AIG, SBI Life, HDFC Life and BAJAJ ALLIANZ to gain knowledge about the insurance industry. They were offered the chance of becoming insurance advisors and some students have accepted the offers.


3. Field Visit to Banks: Students have visited NEDFI, NABARD, SIDBI and Mizoram Rural Bank. They enquired about the loan application process for small industrial undertakings, startups and also for the marginalized sections of society.


4. Field Visit to the Accounts &Treasury Office, Government of Mizoram: In order to gain practical knowledge in auditing, students have paid a visit to the Accounts &Treasury Office.





The working environment in the Department is cooperative and democratic, where faculty members are given space and support to take up initiatives that can benefit the College. Faculty members make a monthly financial contribution to the Department. This money is used for various activities and programmes. The personal and professional networks of the faculty members are heavily relied upon to score internship and employment opportunities for the students. 


Results Analysis: The Department regularly reviews semester results. Special accommodations and support are provided to students on a case by case basis.


Department Meetings: Department meetings are held as and when needed. 


Research Activity: Three faculty members are currently pursuing their PhDs and have several publications (books and journal articles) to their names.


Handholding and Mentoring Support for Enterprising Alumni: The Department provides tangible and intangible support to alumni who have taken up entrepreneurship as their chosen career path.