Commerce was introduced to the college as an academic stream in 1986, alongside the Arts and Science streams. There are presently two regular teaching faculty and five part-time/contract teachers.

1. Felicitation : The department annually organises a felicitation programmes for new Commerce graduates. Their juniors present them with mementos while the seniors give speeches to encourage them.

 2. Training At NALCO : Five students from commerce dept attended summer training from 15th -30th June,2015 at NALCO Bhavan, Bhubaneshwar. They underwent training under two departments namely Export Marketing and Human Resource.

 3. Visit To Insurance Companies : Commerce students visited ICICI Lombard, LICI, Reliance, Birla Sunlife, TATA-AIG, SBI Life, HDFC Life and BAJAJ ALLIANZ to gain knowledge on insurance. They were all offered the chance of becoming insurance advisors, and two students accepted the offers.

 4. Visit To Banks : Students visited NEDFI, NABARD,SIDBI & MRB for possible loans for small industrial undertakings and start up and also for the marginised section.

 5. Computer Course : All commerce students attend CCC, Computer Course under NIELT. They also learn TALLY (ERP-IX), a practical accounting for small businesses.

 6. Paper Presentation : Students give power point presentation on papers relating to their concerned syllabus and on selected topics given by the teachers.

 7. UGC-INSURANCE CLASS: The dept. conducts career oriented insurance class, sponsored by UGC for all Commerce students.

 8. Students are assigned to study the local business enterprises in order to have practical knowledge on entrepreneurship and present a paper on their findings.

 9. Students engage in selling small items like pens, meat products, juices etc to finance their own field trips.

 10. In order to gain practical knowledge in Auditing, students paid a visit to the office of Accounts &Treasury, Mizoram.

 11. Service to society: Students dessiminate basic accounting information to owners of small local business undertakings who are illiterate in accounting knowledge.