The GAC Art Club was formally started on the 1st October 2019 with the hope that this small beginning would encourage and unite art lovers and enthusiasts in the student community, and contribute to a meaningful honing of their talents and skills.  

The present club office-bearers are:

Leader - Lalrintluanga, 5th Sem
Asst. Leader - R. Lalmalsawma, 3rd Sem
Secretary - Lalrinmawii, 5th Sem
Asst. Secretary - Lalnuntluanga, 3rd Sem
Treasurer - JC Lalnunzauvi, 3rd Sem
Financial Secretary - Lalmuansanga, 5th Sem

On the 30th November 2019, a number of club members visited the college adopted village of Hmuifang as their first ever club activity, using the opportunity as an outdoors workshop. On Valentine's Day 2020, they displayed a collage of Valentine's Day-themed works on the fifth floor of the college building. The club has also set up an Instagram page where they display their artworks.

GAC Art Club Rules and Guidelines.pdf