The Department of Education was introduced at Govt. Aizawl College in 1979. Since then new graduates in Education have been produced annually. The department has seven (7) regular teachers at present. Six (6) Associate Professors and one (1) Assistant Professor, out of which two are doctorate degree holders. Seats are limited so the department cannot accommodate all who seek Education as their core subject.

The department believes in creating a close relationship between teachers and students as this creates a sound environment for learning. This is attempted through the mentoring programme and interaction through the use of social media. This serves as a good way of reaching former students if and when necessary. The department recognises the importance of co-curricular activities and tries to involve students in such activities as sports and group projects such as visiting places which have important educational significance such as orphanages.

 It has been a tradition of the department that every student and teacher of the department contributes money every month. This is spent at the end of the semester for outings or visits to homes run by NGOs. Education students take active roles in functions organized by the college, be it in sports, cultural programmes or academics.