The system of mentoring was introduced at GAC in early 2016. Students are each assigned a faculty member from their Core departments shortly after they begin their 1st semester classes. It is the responsibility of the Heads of Departments to allot students to faculty members and draw up a list along with the contact numbers of the students. Once the lists are ready and put up on classroom notice boards, the faculty contact their mentee students and arrange individual meetings with them. During the pandemic, mentors have replaced these live meetings with video calls over WhatsApp. Details of the mentees including their names, roll numbers, subjects taken, address, family details, last institutions attended, academic records and any other relevant information are noted and recorded on mentoring sheets. The information collected is steadily added to as the students move on from the 1st semester to the 6th. Details of their academic records, including their grade cards, are maintained by the mentors.

WhatsApp groups are also created by the mentor where mentees can have easy access to their mentor. The groups are also effectively used by individual mentors to pass on important notifications and explain college practices and procedures that are new for fresher mentees. During the recent pandemic, the system of mentoring has proved to be particularly effective with mentors being able to closely monitor students who fall ill due to Covid-19 and/or have financial problems at home due to the lengthy lockdowns.

The college has a Mentoring Cell appointed by the college IQAC Co-ordinators. The Cell has drawn up Guidelines for Mentoring as attached below, with an example of the Mentoring Sheet.

Mentoring Guidelines for Teachers (revised).pdf
Mentoring Bio-Data.pdf