The GAC-Youth Adventure Club was founded on August the 7th 1982, and registered under the Govt. of Mizoram Firms and Societies Registration Act in 1988. It is affiliated to the National Adventure Foundation (N.A.F), New Delhi.

The GAC YAC was the first ever Youth Adventure Club in Mizoram and was found to be such a welcome initiative that many other colleges and communities in Aizawl and other parts of Mizoram subsequently also formed their own clubs.

Aims and Objectives:
1. To explore all that the world has to offer and to put such activities to good use.
2. To pursue all adventures and activities on land and water.
3. To promote co-operation and fellowship among its members.
4. To teach the Mizo concept of tlawmngaihna, perseverance, discipline, good behavior, obedience, and inculcate leadership among its members.
5. To teach its members to become good citizens and promote communal harmony.

Activities & Annual Reports: