The Department of Economics was started in 1975 under NEHU with only one regular faculty. As the number of teaching faculty increased, the department began to offer a three-year degree course: BA (Hons) and General in Economics. The department has produced many students who are now efficiently working under state and central governments. Currently, there are 5 regular and 1 contract teachers in the department.



    Teachers and Students attended Awareness Programme on the Functions of RBI, organized by Regional Office, RBI, at the College (GAC), on 5th April, 2018.

    Dr. Lalfakawmi, Assistant Professor, presented a paper entitled “Public Investment on Education in Mizoram: An Analysis” at One Day National Seminar on “Socio-Economic Development of Mizoram: Prospects and Challenges”, organized by Mizoram Economic Association, on 4th December, 2017.

    Mrs. Rosie Lalmuanpuii, Associate Professor, attended One week Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development for Educated Unemployed Women, Research Scholars and PG-Students, jointly organized by UGC-Women’s Studies Centre, Mizoram University and Incubation Centre, Mizoram University on 5th - 10th February, 2018 at the State Guest House, Aizawl.

    Dr. Lalfakawmi, Assistant Professor and three (3) students attended National Urban Development Summit, organized by Govt. of India, at Aizawl on 9th March, 2018.

    Dr. Lalfakawmi, Assistant Professor, attended Mizoram Economic Conclave-2018, organized by Govt. of Mizoram, under NEDP programme, on 6th April,2018

    Dr. Lalfakawmi, Assistant Professor, published a research paper entitled “Inclusive Growth and Employment in Public Sector: A Study with Special Reference to Mizoram, India”, in EDULIGHT- Multi-disciplinary, Peer Reviewed Print Research Journal, UGC Approved: Sr.No.63244, Vol.7, Issues-13, May, 2018.

    Dr. Lalfakawmi and 20 students attended Workshop on Consumer Awareness, organized by SEBI, at college (GAC) on 14th August,2018.

    Economics and Commerce Departments organized Two-Day Workshop on Entrepreneurship in collaboration with Indian National Fellowship Centre, Mumbai on 24 &25th Sept., 2018, funded by RUSA, GAC. All the faculty and 15 Selected students attended the Workshop.

    V L. Remruatkima, V Semester participated  and won the 2nd Prize with a Speech at the “Voter’s Fest-Mock Election” organized by District Election Officer, at Vanapa Hall, Aizawl, on 6th October, 2018.  

    Dr. Lalfakawmi, Assistant Professor,attended the Refresher Course on Disaster Management at Mizoram University during 6th - 26th Nov., 2018.

    Dr. Andrew Lalsangzela Sailo, Assistant Professor, attended One Day Workshop on NAAC Awareness Programme (NAP) on 3rd December, 2018 at MZU, jointly organized by Higher & Technical Education, Govt. of Mizoram and Mizoram University, sponsored by NAAC , Bangalore.

    Dr. Lalfakawmi, Assistant Professor, presented a Research Paper at the One Day National Seminar on “Socio-Economic Development in Mizoram: Qualitative and Quantitative Dimensions”, on 17th December, 2018, at Aijal Club, organized by Mizoram Economic Association.

    Dr. Lalfakawmi, Assistant Professor, published a research article entitled “Emergence of Inclusive Health care System in Mizoram”, in Mizoram Economic Review (A Half Yearly Refereed Journal), Vol-1, Issue No.2 (July - Dec, 2018), ISSN-2581-7523.

    Dr. Lalfakawmi, Assistant Professor, published  a research article entitled “Sustainability and Rural Development Programmes in Mizoram: An Evaluation” in the University News, Vol.57, No. 02, January 14-20,2019 (Special Issue on Social Development and Sustainability on the Occasion of AIU East Zone Vice Chancellors’ Meet - 2019) ISSN: 0566-2257

    Sustainability and Rural Development Programme in Mizoram: An Evaluation. Published in University News, Vol.57, No.2, January 14-20, 2019 

    Dr. Andrew Lalsangzela Sailo, Assistant Professor, attended Training on Facilitation Skills for Administrative Professionals at Administrative Training Institute (ATI) during 21st - 27th February, 2019.

    Dr. Lalfakawmi and 20 students(from IV and VI Semesters) attended  the programme “The START-UP INDIA MIZORAM YATRA”  at Synod Higher Secondary School on the 25th  February, 2019,organized by Deptt.of Planning &Programme Implementation, Govt. of Mizoram .

    Dr. Andrew Lalsangzela Sailo participated as a Resource Person in the State Level Workshop on “Cyber Crime and Security”, jointly organized by (SSP Cell) IQAC and RUSA, GAC on the 29th March, 2019.

    Dr. Lalfakawmi, Assistant Professor published an article entitled “Emergence of Inclusive Health Care System in Mizoram: An Evaluation”, in Mizoram Economic Review, Peer Review Journal,Vol-1.

    Andrew Lalmuanawma & Lalbiaksanga, V Semester were Winners of the Mizoram Inter-College Quiz on Sustainable Development Goals 2019, jointly organized by Mizo Zirlai Pawl  (MZP) and Planning & Programme Implementation Department, Govt. of Mizoram during 6th -9th August, 2019.

    Mr. R. Lalchhuanawma, Associate Professor and Dr. Lalfakawmi, Assistant Professor attended One Day State Level Consultation on Draft National Education Policy, 2019 (with Special Reference to Higher Education), organized by MCTA under the sponsorship of State Project Directorate (SPD), RUSA, Mizoram, on 21st August, 2019.

    Dr. Lalfakawmi, Assistant Professor, attended a Refresher Course in Entrepreneurship Developmentat HRDC-Mizoram University during 5th-18th September, 2019.

    Ms. Rosie Lalmuanpuii, Dr. Andrew Lalsangzela Sailo & Dr. Lalfakawmi presented  Research Papers  at the National Seminar on “Entrepreneurship and Socio-Economic Development in North East India”, organized by Research Consultancy and Extension Cell, GAC in collaboration with State Planning and Programme Implementation Department, Govt. of Mizoram, on 30-31, October, 2019.

    Dr. Andrew Lalsangzela Sailo, presented a Research Paper in State Level Seminar on Gender Sensitization, Ooganised by Deptt. of History and Equal Opportunity Cell, RUSA, GAC, on 1st November, 2019.

    Mr. R. Lalchhuanawma, Associate Professor and Head of Department, chaired the Technical Session of the  National Level Seminar on “Sustainable Development: The Way Forward” organized by the Mizoram Economic Association in collaboration with State Planning & Programme Implementation Department, Govt. of Mizoram, on 5th December, 2019.

    Dr. Lalfakawmi, Assistant Professor, presented a research paper entitled “Health and Sustainability in Mizoram: An Evaluation” in National Level Seminar on “Sustainable Development: The Way Forward”, organized by Mizoram Economic Association in collaboration with State Planning &Programme Implementation Department, Govt. of Mizoram, on 5th December, 2019 at Conference Hall, Directorate of Economics & Statistics, GoM.

    Workshop on “Career Awareness” was organized by the Deptt.of Economics& Commerce in Collaboration with Career Counselling & Placement Cell, RUSA, GAC on 31st January, 2020. Mr. Lalhruaitluanga, Managing Director, ZoCareer Solutions delivered a very informative and motivational speech. All the 6th semester Economics students and teachers attended the workshop.


A Parents-Teachers meeting is organized with an objective to bring harmonious relationship between parents and teachers for the upliftment of the students both in academically and mentally.The main aim of the meeting is to involve the parents in students’ education, bring closer relation between parents and teachers,support learning, exchange ideas for the better outcome of the students. It is a regular practice and conduct in the beginning of every semester where teachers and parents deliberately discuss students’ progress, problems, issues and find solutions for academic or behavioural problems.


To make a dynamic environment, classroom teachings are usually conducted by using innovative teaching strategies (audio-visual aids, power point presentations, images,videosetc). Apart from normal teaching, seminars, paper presentation, group discussions, group competitions are regularly organized.Extra classes are conducted for the weaker students as and when necessary.


Mentoring provides personal support to facilitate success in students’ education. Quality mentoring greatly enhances educational and personal growth of the students.So,mentoring of the students is regularly practiced by the teachers in the department. Students are divided into small groups led by one faculty member.The academic performance and any other significant personal details are recorded in a proper way.Mentor helps the mentees and provides supports as and when needed.Mentoring created opportunity for both the mentor and mentees to enhance attendance, motivation to learn and thus led better academic results.


Department meetings are held as and when needed.Results of UG-Exams of every semester are usually analyzed under the guidance of the Head of the Department (HoD). Suggestions are chalked out based on the findings of the analysis.