Vision of the Institution

To open the doors of opportunity to learners from diverse socio-economic spectrum by

     Enlightening them with cutting-edge knowledge,

     Equipping them with discipline and labour, and

     Entrusting to them the passion for the service of man and environment.

Mission of the Institution

     To enhance and enrich curriculum.

     To deploy advanced learning tools, and updated teaching-learning methodologies.

     To encourage critical thinking and participatory learning.

     To sharpen knowledge repository through faculty development programmes.

     To inculcate human values by encouraging participation in various clubs and extension activities.

     To promote multicultural unity and understanding.

     To cherish the values of honesty, accountability, and the dignity of labour.

     To instill the spirit of service and altruism through classroom and co-curricular activities.

     To create opportunities for community service and recognize service for others as a basic human attribute.

     To build up environmentally-conscient individuals mindful of earth's natural resources.