The Mizo Dept. presently has four regular members on the faculty, including one Professor.


The Department has organized a number of seminars over the years -

1.  College level seminar on Drama, in collaboration with the Mizo Language and Literature Teachers’ Association (MILLTA), on 5.10.2011.
2. State Level Seminar on the life and works of Kamlala, in collaboration with the Research, Consultancy & Extension Cell, IQAC, Govt. Aizawl College on April 19, 2012.
3. National level Seminar on the Theme and Techniques of Mizo Novel, in collaboration with the Mizo Language and Literature Teachers’ Association (MILLTA) on 9 - 10 October 2013.
4. Symposium on Rokunga’s Songs, in collaboration with Rokunga’s Memorial Society Feb. 17th 2016.
5.  National Seminar on Mizo Folklore on 27.02.2018.
6. College level Seminar on Career Awareness under the sponsorship of RUSA-GAC on 20.04.2018
7.  Special Lecture on “Mizo Tawng Tobul leh a Chhehvel” by Pu B. Lalthangliana, historian, on 31st January 2020.
8. 5 Day Webinar on "A Critical Study on Drama from UG & PG (Mizo Courses) under MZU & IQFAI University" 8th - 12th December 2020.

II. Field Trips/Study Tours

The dept. has a practice of organising study tours for their students to places of Mizo historical importance, as well as visits to the state museum and Mizoram University. On the 30th October 2019 they combined a tour of historical places such as Zokhua (Falkawn), Kaphleia Thlan & Sibuta Lung (Tachhip), Lungleng Lal In etc with a paper presentation at each of these places.

III.  Student Mentoring:

Mentoring of students by faculty is practiced by the department. Students are divided into small groups led by one faculty member. The mentor maintains and records the academic performances of the students, as well as any other required personal details. The mentor monitors the mentees and helps them out as and when needed.

IV.  Department Meetings:

Meetings are held on a regular basis and exam results of the students analyzed every semester under the guidance of the HOD.

V.  Publications:
Besides several literary publications by Prof. K.C. Vannghaka who retired on the 29th February 2020, the department has the unique distinction of having a book publication of creative writings in prose and poetry done entirely by students. Titled 'Ziakfung Khawhar', the book was released by the then Principal Mr. Lalremliana on the 24th May 2019.
On the 14th October 2021, the Department also released a book titled 'Rothul' - a compilation of papers from the Drama webinar held in December 2020.