Mrs. Hmingpuii Poonte, Associate Professor, Dept. of English, was born in Aizawl to Pu Bonthanga Poonte (L) and Pi K. Thanchhingi (L). She graduated with English Honours from Pachhunga University College in 1980 and holds the distinction of being the first ever English Honours graduate from all colleges within Mizoram. She joined NEHU Shillong for her MA and successfully completed it in 1982. Before her MA results were even out, she was invited to help out in the English dept. of Govt. Aizawl College by the then Principal Pu P. Lianhleia, her old college teacher. During this time, she also worked on an ad hoc basis at Pachhunga University College and Hrangbana College.  On the 1stJune 1983, she joined Govt. Aizawl College after receiving a government appointment as lecturer.

She married Pu Lalramthanga, of the Indian Forest Service, in June 1987 and they live in Dawrpui with their three children.

She was assigned to the post of acting Principal of Govt. Aizawl College by the government of Mizoram  following the retirement on superannuation pension of Professor C. Sangluaii.

List of Former Principals:

1. Dr. H. Thansanga, M.A. (Pol. Sc.) B.T., Ph.D. 1.6.1975 - 2.10.1978
2. Rokamlova M.A. (Hist.) 3.10.1978 -15.6. 1981
3. P. Lianhleia M.A. (Eng.) B.Ed. 16.6.1981 - 10.6.1985
4. Dr. Lalruanga M.A. (Hist.) Ph.D. 17.1.1986 - 30.6.1999
5. F.J. Ralzuala M.A. (Eng.) 20.8.1999 - 4.2.2002
6. R. Biaksanga M.A. (Pol. Sc.) 4.2.2002 - 31.3.2009
7. Dr. L.N. Tluangi M.A. (Edn.), Ph.D. 1.4.2009 - 13.4.2011
8. Dr. Sangkima M.A. (Hist.) Ph.D. 13.4.2011 - 30.12.2013
9. Lalrinawma M.A. (Hist.) 30.12.2013 - 28.2.2018
10. Lalremliana M.A. (Eco.) B.Ed. 28.2.2018 -  26.7.2019
11. Prof. C. Sangluaii M.A. (Eng.) Ph.D. 26.7.2019 - 28.2.2022