The Government Aizawl College Sports Policy was created at a meeting of the Government Aizawl College Sports Committee on the 14th June 2021. 

  1. The Sports Committee will make careful and diligent selections for the GAC Sports List keeping in mind the sports disciplines that are included in the MZU Sports.

  2. The GAC Sports List will consist of two categories: Category I will include sportspersons who play at the international and/or state level, as well as those players that the Sports Committee selects for inclusion in Category I. Category II will comprise of those who play at the local level or below, as well as those players given admission under the sports quota.

    (a) The college will provide for the admission and exam fees of Category I sportspersons. The Sports Committee will extend all necessary assistance to the players regarding attendance, internal exams and/or any other problem to ensure that they receive a good education and ultimately graduate.

    (b) Players in Category II will be given admission under the sports quota. The Sports Committee may pay their fees as they consider appropriate and may also take measures to lower their fees. The Committee will extend any necessary assistance to their studies and eventual graduation. Based on the excellence of their sports performances, the Sports Committee may elevate them to Category I.

  3. In the event that the college sportspersons encounter difficulties due to their involvement in tournaments, training/practice, etc, they may appeal to the Sports Committee for help provided they have concrete evidence/proof of their involvement in these sports activities. The Committee will examine the applications/appeals and take action as necessary.

  4. Based on the performance of the sportspersons or their circumstances, the Sports Committee may give financial assistance as necessary, and also arrange for sponsorship.

  5. The Sports Committee will take strong action in helping college players who wish to be accommodated in the students’ hostels at the new college campus in Mualpui, Salem Veng.
  6. The Sports Committee will take up responsibility in scouting for good players to bring repute to the college.

  7. The Sports Committee is the ultimate authority in making any necessary changes to the Sports Policy.

         Government Aizawl College Sports Policy (in Mizo).pdf