History: The Sociology department first started in 1998 in the then Mizoram Institute of Comprehensive Education at the degree class. Due to delinking of degree classes from the Mizoram Institute of Comprehensive Education (MICE), all the students and teachers were transferred and posted at Govt. Aizawl College with effect from 1st May 2000 vide Govt. Notification No. A. 220.12/1/99- EDC Dt. 22.3.2000. Henceforth, Govt. Aizawl College had a Sociology department for the first time in Mizoram. Now, the college offers Sociology as both Core and Elective subjects and produces Arts graduates with Sociology subject every year.

Though Sociology is a relatively young department at Aizawl College, it has had a gradual but steady growth since its inception. It has become one of the most opted major papers among the subjects offered in the college resulting in the increase of students in the department every year. However, seats are limited to a maximum of 60 students per class.

The department currently has five teaching faculty members: One Associate Professor, One Asst. Professor and 3 part time Asst. Professors who teach 4 Core papers and 2 general papers in each semester. 

Aims: The department strives to produce students who are academically excellent with creative and critical thinking ability. It also believes in encouraging students to become citizens who are aware of their social surroundings and make responsible choices keeping in mind the welfare and development of society. 

Sociology students take part in co- curricular activities with enthusiasm and take active roles especially in National Service Scheme,National Cadet Corps, Blood Donation Drive and University Sports etc. 

Contact:  socdept.gac@gmail.com 

Activity Highlights

• A field study was held at Baktawng to study and observe the largest joint family in the world with 181 members. This is part of their study in Kinship and Family System.

• Mr. Zothantluanga, Associate Professor & Head of Department presented a research paper in a National Seminar “Rethinking Social Change: Recent Trends and Perspectives” organised by the Dept. of Sociology, Pachhunga University College on the 16th & 17th May, 2013.

• Ms. Rosie Vanlalruati Ralte, Asst. Prof & HOD, presented a research paper at the UGC sponsored national level seminar, “Child Rights and Child Protection: Issues and Challenges” jointly organised by Govt. T. Romana College & Mizoram State Child Protection Society on the 8th & 9th July, 2015 at I & PR Auditorium, Aizawl.

• Mr. Zonunsanga, a research scholar at JNU and also an alumnus of Govt. Aizawl College, was invited for a talk and interactive session with Vth semester students on academic excellence, critical thinking and career awareness in July, 2015.

• Vth semester students did a review of the Lushai Labour Corps in France, which is one of the landmark events among the Mizos. The event was the first time ever that Mizos in large numbers (2000 men) set out for the western world. This had major influences in the modernisation of the Mizos and the students did very interesting reviews from the reports and articles written by members of the Lushai Labour Corps and had a lively discussion on the implications on the traditional Mizo society.

• Belle (2013) a multiple award winning film (including American- African Film Critics Association Award, British Independent Film Awards etc) was screened at the Conference Hall, Aizawl College for the Vth semester students, and a film review and discussion on inequality and social stratification was also held in August, 2015.

• Special lecture and discussion was held on “Understanding Millennium Development Goals and its Future” at the Conference centre by the V semester students. Various issues on the implications of development interventions in the mizo society was deliberated upon in September 2015.

• Ms. Lalhlimpuii Pachuau, Asst. Professor (Part-time) presented a research paper “A glimpse of village school life through the mission school inspection reports (1930-1945)” at an annual international conference of the North East India History Association held at Mizoram University, November 2015.

• Linda Vanlalengi, VI sem was selected as a delegate to the International Youth Exchange Programme held in Singapore in Nov- Dec, 2015. She is the 4th Mizo to have been selected for this programme.

• The department practices mentoring system whereby each teacher is assigned to mentor couple of students to help them in their academic performance and other personal issues as required by the mentees. This system acts as strong support system for students and provides a safe space to deal with issues they struggle with.

• A department social is held every year where VI semester students spend a day away from academic settings to have a fun time. They are usually accompanied by the teachers which help in cementing bonds between students and teachers.

• Class tests and presentations are held at regular intervals to develop and sharpen the skills and confidence of the students.The department believes that this tremendously enhances skills of articulation.

• To instil the spirit of financial independence and do away with dependency syndrome, students are encouraged to raise their own funds for their excursions and study tours. The department is very proud of its students who did all sorts of odd jobs like sweeping the streets, selling ice lollies and snacks etc during College week to fund their study tours. They also save money on a daily basis to supplement the study tour fund.

• “Voices from the past: everyday experiences of the Mizos during Rambuai” is an on-going project where students interview those who have experienced Rambuai; one of the strongest and most violent events that changed the Mizo society in known history. This project hopes to bring to life the hitherto neglected voices of the marginalised and those at the periphery and create a new narrative of conflict and violence affected Mizos.

• A special lecture and interactive session with Geraldine Forbes, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Department of History, State University of New York Oswego on the 21st March, 2016 at the college Conference Hall.

• An international seminar and photo exhibition “Revisiting Rambuai” 12th -14thApril, 2016 at the Aijal Club.

 • Special Talk on 'Mental Health' on 22nd July 2016 at 1:30 pm Room No. 701 for Sociology Core students from Ist, 3rd & 5th semesters, delivered by Ms Zomuanpuii, MSc. Counselling Psychology. The Resource Person is currently working as a Counsellor cum Psychologist at Deaddiction Centre, Sethawn under the Dept of Social Welfare, Govt of Mizoram.

* Field Study on Hmuifang Village March 2021: Report on Field Study of Hmuifang Village.pdf