The following guidelines have been instituted since 2019 to ensure uniformity in dealing with unexpected and unforseen adverse circumstances faced by our college students.

A. In the event of the death of a student of Govt. Aizawl College, the following guidelines may be followed -

 I. If the student passes away in Aizawl and is to be buried in Aizawl 

 (i) All his/her semester classmates shall attend the funeral: other semesters shall not attend due to lack of space in most housings.
(ii) A wreath shall be laid in the name of the college.
(iii) All students attending the funeral shall wear the college t-shirt and a puandum.
(iv) If convenient, the students shall carry the coffin right up to the cemetery.
 (v) All available teachers shall attend the funeral.

 (vi) An obituary shall be published in the college magazine.

II.   If the student passes away in Aizawl and is to be buried in his/her village
 (i) The college shall bear the expense of hiring a vehicle to transport the body.

(ii)  Available Students’ Union leaders shall accompany the body.

III.  If the student passes away in his/her own village
(i)  Condolences shall be paid as is convenient.


B. Other Adversities:  In the event of other adversities not mentioned above befalling a student, such as accidents, serious illnesses, home fires, etc. the Principal and the Students’ Welfare Director shall consult each other and decide on the course of action to be taken.

Guidelines on Management of Students' Adversities 2019.pdf

Zirlaiten Vanduaina an Tawh a Inkaihhruaina 2019.pdf