Government Aizawl College Alumni Association (GACAA)

Aizawl - 796001

Mizoram, India



1.         NAME OF THE ASSOCIATION    :  The name of the association shall be "Government Aizawl College Alumni Association" (henceforth abbreviated as GACAA)


3.         OBJECTIVES  :       The objectives of the Association are:

i)      To maintain liaison between the Government Aizawl College (Administration, Faculty Members and present Students), hereinafter referred to as "The College", and the Alumni, who are in different professions in life, for mutual benefit.

ii)      To create special Funds for meeting the various needs of the existing students of The College.

 iii)     To provide financial, advisory or other suitable support to The College for augmentation and development of Academic, Vocational and Training facilities and also to participate financially or otherwise in College development programmes.

iv)      To arrange seminars, workshops, conferences and lectures of eminent/prominent persons of different fields, alongwith the faculty members and/or students of The College for the purpose of mutual exposure to modern teaching methods, techniques and keeping upto date with modern thinking and developments in the various fields of human endeavour,such as Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Humanities and Fine Arts, Commerce and Business Administration.

viii)    To promote and encourage friendly relations among all the members of the Association and to serve the common cause of the members’ interest in general.

Provided further that the Association shall be completely apolitical and keep itself aloof from party politics, although it may participate in any forum or activity for the good of the college and the general public and also to resist any action or measure which it considers to be against the public interest, provided further that such actions would be taken only under the aegis of the Association or similar apolitical bodies and not under the sponsorship or banner of any political or quasi-political organisations.

4.         MEMBERSHIP  : All Alumni of the Government Aizawl College shall be eligible for Membership of the Association. They will have voting rights.

5.         CESSATION OF MEMBERSHIP      :     A member of the Association shall cease to be such a member if he/she resigns from his/her membership.

6.         GENERAL BODY          :    

6.1   The General Body shall consist of all members of the Association.

6.2   The General Body of the Association shall hold the Annual General Body Meeting at least once a year.

6.3   Twenty (20) members present in person shall form quorum for any meeting of the General Body. If the meeting is adjourned for want of quorum, the adjourned meeting will be convened within 30 days to transact the same business and members shall form the quorum.

6.4   The duties of the General Body shall be:

i)      To set guidelines for the Executive Committee so as to achieve the objectives of the Association.

ii)     To consider and adopt the Annual Report and Audited Accounts of the Association.

iii)    To elect Office Bearers of the GACAA.

iv)    To transact any other business with the permission of the President.


The Executive Committee shall consist of

          i)      President               

          ii)     Vice-Presidents    

iii)     Secretaries            

iv)     Asst. Secretaries   

v)      Information & Publicity Secy                  

vi)     Treasurer              

vii)     Advisers               

(viii)   Members              

ix)     Faculty-in-Charge of Alumni Association who shall be nominated by the College authority.

x)      The Vice-President and the General Secretary of the Government Aizawl College Students’ Union (GACSU) shall be the Ex-Officio Members.

(Definition: The Director of Students’ Welfare, Government Aizawl College shall be the Treasurer of the GACAA)

8.         TERMS & ELECTION:

8.1.      The term of the Executive Body shall be of two years, and election of the Office Bearers shall be held in the Annual General Body Meeting of the Association.

8.2     No Office Bearer shall hold office for more than 2 consecutive terms.


9.1   President:

i)       The President shall preside over the Executive Committee Meeting and the General Body Meeting. The President shall have the voting power.

ii)     He shall have all the powers for the management and promotion of the objectives of the Association.


9.2   Vice President:

i)   The Vice President shall act for the President in his absence.

ii)   The Vice President shall have powers to convene Executive Committee meetings of the Association in the absence of the President.

9.3   Secretary:

i)     The Secretary should attend all the activities as approved by the Executive Committee.

 ii)      The Secretary shall be responsible for carrying out all correspondences, preparation and distribution of all publications of the Association.

9.4   Asst. Secretary:

i)      The Asst. Secretary will assist the Secretary in the management of the activities of the Association.

ii)     The Asst. Secretary shall act for the Secretary in the absence of the Secretary.

9.5   Treasurer:

i)      The Treasurer shall be responsible for the maintenance of the financial matters & accounts of the Association.

ii)     The Treasurer shall operate the funds of the Association jointly either with the President or the Secretary.

9.6   Information & Publicity Secretary:

The Information & Publicity Secretary shall be responsible for disseminating and publicizing the activities of the Association to the public, as and when necessary.



 11.1   The Association shall raise funds for  pursuing the objectives of the Association through:

           i)    Money donated by the members.

          ii)     Any other source approved by the Executive Committee.

11.2   The account of the Association shall be opened and operated in any scheduled bank in Aizawl in the name of the President/ Secretary and Treasurer of the GACAA into which all donations and other income shall be credited.

11.3 The income of the Association from whatever source shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Association as set forth in Article 3  and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of profits or otherwise to any member or ex-member of the Association or any person claiming through any of them provided that such restrictions shall not prevent the payment in good faith of any remuneration/honorarium to any member of the Association or to any member or associate of the Association including reimbursement of costs and travelling/transportation expenses in relation to and for the purposes of achieving and furtherance of the objects of the Association.