The Music Club, under the aegis of the Students’ Union Social & Cultural Dept., was created on the 16th March 2021, and office bearers were elected. It was set up to encourage and motivate music enthusiasts within the sizeable student community, and provide a platform from which participants for inter-college music competitions etc may be selected. A brief programme was held on the 22nd March at the college Conference Hall to launch the club.

Office Bearers for 2020-2021 are:

Leader : Zoson F. Lalzahawma, 5th sem.
Asst. Leader : David Lallawmawma, 5th sem.
Secretary : H. Lalhruaitluangi, 3rd sem.
Asst. Secretary : Thangliandinga, 3rd sem.
Financial Secretary : Lalfakzuali, 3rd sem.
 Treasurer :Lizzy Lalhmingmawii, 3rd sem. 

Dr. Mary L. Renthlei, Associate Professor, Education
Dr. Lalhmangaihi Chhakchhuak, Assistant Professor, Sociology