The UGC Insurance course is an initiative of the college’s Department of Commerce. It was started in the year 2012. Currently it offers courses for Certificate (first year), Diploma (second year) and Advanced Diploma (third year). The course is a career-oriented project to help students gain knowledge and skills needed to help them prepare for insurance examinations and become good insurance agents. It aims at familiarizing the participants with the concept of Insurance, the risks and its management, various insurance policies and their structure along with the legal dimensions involved. The certificate course content deals with all essential concepts which a potential insurance agent is supposed to know and it will also certainly help one who wishes to become a successful insurance agent. Diploma and Advanced Diploma course contents are framed to give a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of insurance subjects. After the completion of the courses, one can benefit and be enabled to compete for any sort of insurance examinations.

Career Oriented Insurance Course Syllabus:

GAC UGC Insurance Syllabus.pdf