Education Department

Faculty of education department consists of the following:

Dr Lalthansangi HOD

Mrs. K Malsawmi

Mrs. Vanlalsawmi,

Mrs Zothanchami 

Mrs Ngurhmingliani

Dr Mary L Renthlei

Dr Lalthankhumi

Mrs Cindy Lianthuampuii

Activities of the department:

Every Final semester students are requested to take up a group project. This includes collection of money every month from the students as well as the teachers for the whole semester and utilising the collection for socially desirable purposes such as visiting an orphanage at the end of a semester.

In 2012, the final year students visited TNT (a shelter where the homeless, drug addicts, differently abled and orphans are looked after by volunteers, the founder being Dr Sangthankima who also lives in the shelter) where students rendered their services by giving bath to the children, talking with them and playing with them. Rice, dal and toys as well as clothes collected by students and teachers were donated to the shelter.

This batch also took up as their project, Motherless Babies’ Home situated near the college by visiting the home as often as possible offering their services by washing clothes and cleaning the windows and bathing the children. A report was written by the students which remains an important belonging of the department till date.

In 2015, final semester students visited Gan Sabra, a shelter for children who have been directly or indirectly affected by HIV which is situated in the outskirt of Aizawl city. The collection made by the department amounted to Rs 10,000/- which was given as gift to the shelter. Along with the money contributed, toys, balloons and snacks were also gifted. Students and teachers took time to play with the children in the home.

The present Fifth Semester students visited Motherless Babies’ Home on 11th December 2015 presenting gifts as Christmas gifts to the children, bought with the contribution made by the students and the teachers throughout the whole semester.

Felicitation programme is organised by the department for outgoing students where a short function is organised on their behalf. Here, mementoes are given and special items are presented by their junior students as well as the