The Department has organized different levels of seminars:

1. College level seminar on Drama :

College Level Seminar on Drama was organized in collaboration with the Mizo Language and Literature Teachers’ Association (MILLTA) on the 5th Oct.2011 for teachers of Mizo and English, and IIIrd yr. students of Mizo (Honours). Mr. Lalsangzuala, Asst.Professor, Department of Mizo, Mizoram University, presented a paper on the Structures, Theme and Technique of Mizo Drama. 31 lecturers of Mizo and English Departments from different colleges and 35 students of Mizo Honours attended the seminar.

2. State Level Seminar on the life and works of Kamlala :

The Seminar was organized in collaboration with the Research, Consultancy & Extension Cell, IQAC, Govt. Aizawl College on April 19, 2012 at the Synod Conference Hall. As it was a state level Seminar, all colleges within Aizawl town, except Govt. Zirtiri Residential College and Mizoram Law College, sent two (2) faculty members each from the Mizo Department. Three Resource persons, namely Dr. K.C.Vannghaka, Associate Professor (Kamlala and his works) and Mrs. Lalremveli Chenkual, Asst. Professor (Biography of Kamlala), the faculty members of Mizo Department in the college itself and Mr. C.Vanlallawma, Associate Professor, Department of Mizo, Govt. Hrangbana College (Kamlala and Beauty) presented the paper.

3. National level Seminar on the Theme and Techniques of Mizo Novel:

Two days the UGC Sponsored National Level Seminar on Theme and Techniques of Mizo Novel (U.G. Course) is organized by the Department of Mizo College in collaboration with the Mizo Language and Literature Teachers’ Association (MILLTA) at the Govt. Aizawl College Conference Hall on October 9-10. 2013. The topic of our seminar is, Theme and Techniques of Mizo Novel (U.G. Course). Unless mistaken, this is the second time we are having a National Level Seminar on the Novel in Mizoram. Since the creation of Mizoram University in 2001, the Department of Mizo has always included a number of novels as text books. With the recent introduction of the semester system in college level, many more novels have been added to the syllabus.

In the Inaugural function was chaired by Dr. K.C.Vannghaka, the Coordinator of the seminar. Prof. R.Thangvunga, Head of the Department of Mizo, Mizoram University gave keynote address and Dr. Sangkima, Principal, Government Aizawl College inaugurate the seminar. Unexpectedly, the seminar was well attended by the teaching staff of our college and other College teaching staff from within and outside the Aizawl town and it was felt as a successful one.

II. Award of Toppers:

The department faculty member felicitates each batch of graduates with mementos at a special session/graduation day. The faculty members contributed Rs. 500 each for awards the topper in the university examination.

III. Field Study/Visit

In 2013, the final year students have Field study/visit at Farkawn village, in the far-east of Mizoram, more than 240 km away from Aizawl, where a number of the old monuments of Mizo, i.e. Lamsial puk, Thasiama se no neihna, Fiara tui, Chhura chi rawt lung, Lianchia thlan, lungkeiphawtial, Kungawrhi puk, lamthuamthum etc. were located.

IV. Symposium on Rokunga’s Songs:

One day Symposium/Interaction on Rokunga’s Songs was organized on Feb.17.2016 at GAC Conference Hall in collaboration with Rokunga’s Memorial Society for VI Semester, Mizo Core. The students and teachers actively interacted and it was very interesting.

V. Student Mentoring:

Mentoring of students by faculty is practiced by the department. Students are divided into small groups led by one faculty member. The mentor maintains and records the academic performances of the students, as well as any other required personal details. The mentor monitors the mentees and helps them out as and when needed.


Meetings are held on a regular basis and exam results of the students analyzed every semester under the guidance of the HOD.