General Information

1. Regular, Repeater leh Improvement exam tur tan Personal Details fill-up vek tur./ 
All Personal Details should be filled up correctly.

2. Regular exam tur neilo, repeater leh improvement exam tur tan step 2 fill-up lo in Next tih click mai tur./
For students writting repeat and improvement paper only can leave step 2 by clicking next button.

3. Regular chauh exam tur tan step 3 leh 4 fill-up a ngailo. Course thlan a zirin fill up tur paper a danglam ang./
Regular students without any repeat papers can leave step 3 & 4.

4. Subject Enter laiin Subject hming diktak spelling dik tak in enter tur./
Correct subject name and spelling should be entered in the subject field.

5. Repeater leh Improvement exam tur tan semester a zir in kan paper exam tur zat leh course thlan phawt hnuah an paper hming fill up leh tur./
Students writting improvement and repeat papers should first select number of papers and course before entering name of paper.

6. If your MZU registration number is not declared at the time of payment of fees, please write A/F in the field. MZU Registration number la neilo tan A/F tih ziah tur a ni.

7. Form Fill-Up chhungin uluk taka fill up tur a ni./
Check again carefully before payment of fees.

All students should follow the payment schedule given below: 

i) 16th to 20th November, 2020 – All Repeaters 

ii) 21st to 27th November, 2020 – All Regulars 

The Odd Semester Examination, 2020 Fee Structure: 

i) Regular - I, III, V Semester = Rs. 610/- (+ Rs. 50/- for practical papers) 

ii) III & V Semesters should pay additional Rs. 700/- for previous semester (II&IV) Examination Fee. 

iii) All Repeaters should pay Rs. 210/- Marksheet Fee + Rs. 100/- examination fee per paper. (Rs. 100/- will be added for each additional repeat papers).

For payment of Exam Fees click on the link below/ Exam Fees pekna turin a hnuai link ah hian click rawh:

For any queries relating to online fee payment please contact: