In response to the Prime Minister's appeal for NSS volunteers in the fight against Covid-19, fourteen (14) students from the History (4th & 6th semesters) and Commerce (6th semester) departments were selected from a number of volunteers. 

After a briefing by the GAC-NSS Program Officers at the college on the 3rd April 2020, they began their assignment at the Youth Hostel (YHAI) in Luangmual where thirty nine (39) persons, who had entered Aizawl via Silchar by rail and road just days before the national lockdown started, had been quarantined. The student-volunteers were divided into four groups of three persons each, and reported for duty on alternate days till the 14th April. They were entrusted with helping out at meal times and in the distribution of essential commodities to those quarantined. 

The assignment ended successfully on the 10th April with all the detained travelers completing their mandatory quarantine periods in good health.