Professor Laishram Gyanendra Singh, Commerce, has retired on superannuation pension with effect from the 1st January 2021.
Prof. LG matriculated from Guwahati, graduated in Manipur, received his M.Com. from Pune University, his Ph.D. from Mizoram University, and became a Professor in 2015. He joined Aizawl College on the 25th April 1986 and has been the Head of the Commerce Department for several years.
He married Ms. Santana Devi in December 1990 and they have two children, a son who is a senior consultant at Infosys and a daughter who is presently doing her M.Sc. in Mathematics. The family plan to move to Guwahati later this year.
A farewell programme in his honour was organised by the College Employees' Welfare Association on the 18th December at the college conference hall. We wish Pu LG a very happy and comfortable retirement life.