Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS), launched in 2013 which aims at providing strategic funding to eligible state higher educational institutions. It aims to usher transformative reforms in the State Higher Education System by creating a facilitating institutional structure for planning and monitoring at the state level, promoting autonomy in State Universities and improving governance in institutions.

Board of Governors  (B.O.G.)
Chairman: Mr. Ramhmangaiha Ralte, Joint Director, Higher & Technical Education
Vice-Chairman: Prof. C. Sangluaii, Principal
 Secretary: Dr. Lalsangzuala Khiangte, Associate Professor, Pol. Science  (RUSA Institutional Coordinator)

Nodal Officers:
Academic Activities: Mrs. Hmingpuii Poonte, Associate Professor
Civil Works: Mr. Lalremliana, Associate Professor
Procurement: Mr. Lalbiakzuala, Associate Professor
Financial Aspects: Prof. L.G. Singh, Associate Professor
Equity Assurance & Implementation: Prof. C. Vanlalhruaia, Professor

Central YMA: Mr. J. Lalsailova, Mission Veng
MHIP Hqrs. : Mrs. Lalropari, Mission Veng


Project Monitoring Unit  (P.M.U.)
Chairman: Prof. C. Sangluaii, Principal
Secretary: Dr. Lalsangzuala Khiangte, Associate Professor, Pol. Science, RUSA Institutional Coordinator
Members: Mr. Lalremliana, Associate Professor, Senior Administrative Officer
Mr. Jerome T. Liansanga, Architect
Mr. C. Vanlalruaia, Librarian
Prof. C. Vanlalhruaia, Prof., Faculty Representative
Vice-President, Students' Union - Students' Representative
 Head Assistant - Ex-officio/Office Representative

Equal Opportunity Cell
Chairperson: Mrs. Vanlalsawmi, Asso. Professor, Education
Secretary    : Dr. R. Lalthankhumi, Asso. Professor, Education
Members    : K. Lalhruaia, Asso. Professor, History
                     Dr. Lalthansangi Fanai, Asso. Prof. & Coordinator IQAC

Career, Counselling & Placement Cell
Chairperson: Dr. Mary L. Renthlei, Asso. Professor, Education
Secretary    : Mrs. Rosie Vanlalruati Ralte, Asst. Professor, Sociology
Members    : Mrs. Lalbiakhluni Hnamte, Asso. Professor, Pol. Science
                     Mrs. Zolianzuali, Asso. Professor, Commerce
                     Mr. Lalmalsawma Khiangte, Asso. Professor, Pol. Science
                     Dr. Lalfakawmi, Asso. Professor, Economics