Brief Report of Rashtriya Uchhatar Shiksha Abhyian (RUSA) Projects 

Meetings of Project Monitoring Unit (PMU) and Board of Governors (BoG) held three times each since August 2015. The last i.e. 3rd Meeting of BoG held on 21.6.2016 and the 3rd meeting of PMU held on 13.6.2016.

The following funds were received by Govt. Aizawl College

I.    Infrastructure Grants (1st Installment) – Rs.11,25,000/- received on 16.7.2015. 

        *Matching share of State Govt.  (1st Installment) of– Rs.1,25,000/- received on 4.12.2015.
        Therefore, Rs.12.5 lakhs was received for 1st installment.

       Main Projects Undertaken: 
       i)      Renovation of Canteen (not fully complete)
       ii)     Upgradation of Internet Resource Centre by providing 10 brand new computers.
      iii)     Water Tanks – additional three water tanks/storage installed – sufficient water now available.
      iv)     Toilets and sanitary water pipelines were upgraded and old ones replaced by new ones.
      v)      Partitions of classrooms - renovated and painted.
     vi)      Purchase of Text books - about Rs.1,60,000/-  spent for books.
    vii)      Additional Rooms created for Coordinator and Reception.

II.    Equity Initiative (1st Installment) of Rs. 10,41,667/- was sanctioned and credited to GAC Account by SPD-RUSA on 5th April 2016. Projects undertaken under this head are:
1.    a)     Language Lab (English) set up with capacity of 19+1 (licenses) vide – SPD-RUSA letter Dated 16th June 2016
              (Cost of software Rs.3,00,000/-)
      b)      Furniture – Tables and chairs, almirah etc. were purchased.
      c)      20 computer sets and networking, electrifications were installed/done.
               We are ready to inaugurate the Language Lab.

2.    Plan for Innovation Scheme and Programme: Finishing School conducted by Research consultancy & Extension Cell during the last week of May 2016. Here, Training for Financial Management, Personality Development, Communication Skills were conducted for about 30 outgoing students.
3.    Equal Opportunity Cell, Career & Counselling Cell and Placement Cell were constituted and programmes and other activities are under active process and consideration.
4.    Gender & Persons with Disability (PwD) Sensitization Workshops/Campaigns are being planned to be implemented among students. Remedial Classes will be conducted in due course for weak and slow learners. This matter was resolved at the meeting of Head of Departments.

III.    Infrastructure Grants for new construction (1st installment) of Rs.70. lakh was sanctioned on 5th April 2016 by SPD-RUSA. For this, construction of Cafeteria with Students’ Common Room is going on at the new campus in Mualpui. The construction work was awarded to M/S Lushai Engineering and work started on 18th July, 2016. Earthwork excavation is complete and foundation footing of six posts have been done out of 16/17 posts to be erected. The area of the building is. Members of PMU visited/inspected the new campus on 23.6.2016 and members of BoG on 28.7.2016. 

IV.    Infrastructure Grants (2nd Installment) of Rs. 23.75 lakh was sanctioned and credited to GAC account on 5th April 2016. This amount is for upgradation/renovation of existing facilities and purchase of equipments and library books etc. Permission to utilize this grant was obtained from SPD-RUSA on 20th June 2016. 

          1. The following Projects were taken up under upgradation/renovation head -
         (a)     All benches and desks were renovated with fresh paint including teaching platform & other furniture.
         (b)     Repainting of whole college building is planned and work to be started soon. We have tied up with Asian Paints Guwahati as project painting. Project executive officer visited our college on 29.7.2016 (Friday) and took photographs of building and they will work out colour options etc.
        (c)     Replacement of all curtains to be made, and orders have been placed for supplies of curtain material.
        (d)     The Internet Resource Centre has been upgraded by strengthening Cable networking- lines etc.  New modems purchased, eight computer sets were installed, as well as in the Students' Union Office & Teachers' Common Room.
        (e)     Toilets have been upgraded and twelve (12) new dustbins provided for the toilets.
        (f)      Broken window glass-panes were replaced by new ones.
        (g)     Mike and sound systems in Rooms 701 and 702 to be installed.
        (h)     Better drinking facilities to be provided with additional water coolers etc.
        (i)      Renovation of Students' Common Room and toilets for girls are on-going works.


         2. Purchase of Equipment and Books etc.
                  The following materials are to be purchased and supply orders placed:
          (a)     Library books and journals worth about Rs. 2 lakhs
          (b)     Sports goods – under process
          (c)     Desks & Benches, Chairs & Tables – under process
          (d)     External hard disk, camera, 1KVA battery back-up were purchased.



V.    Capacity Building Grant of Rs.1 lakh was received from SPD-RUSA on 30th September 2015. Workshops on RUSA Sensitization and Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) were organized successfully from this fund.

VI.    Bhuvan-RUSA: Uploading of on-going projects completed within three days. Signboards, stickers with RUSA logo ready for Bhuvan RUSA.